Megan Skye Hale

Voice Actor | Theatre | Workshops

Megan Skye Hale

Warm, energetic, and versatile. With over fifteen years experience as a professional stage actor, and more than two years in the voiceover industry, these are the qualities which I can bring to your project!


Megan Skye Hale is a classically-trained stage actor, movement director, and voice actor. Her educational background includes Shakespearean acting (The London Academy for Music and Dramatic Arts), Lecoq character clown and movement (Mark Bell, Jerry Mouawad, and Carol Triffle), and voice acting (Nick Omana).

Building on a strong foundation of traditional acting, Her voice has been described as “rich,” “empathetic,” and “real,” and her movement work as “attentive,” “methodical,” and having “considerable energy.”

As Founding Artistic Co-Director of Portland venue The Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven and Founding Artistic Director of immersive theatre company Speculative Drama, Megan’s work explores the intersection of classic stories and unconventional stage craft through immersive plays and variety shows geared toward an intimate sharing of art as culture. Extending this sentiment to her personal work and a digital setting, Megan began a nightly story-time live stream during the COVID-19 shutdown, and has been going strong for over 640 nights since March of 2020. This sense of adventure, dedication, and willingness to take creative risks in the service of a cohesive whole extends directly into her work as a voice actor, stage actor, and educator.

Whether it is recording commercial copy, leading movement workshops, or performing Shakespeare, Megan brings enthusiasm, earnestness, and a unique perspective to every project she is a part of.